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Timney Triggers IWI Tavor / X95 Trigger Pack

Timneys new Trigger pack designed for the IWI Tavor, or X95, will drastically reduce your bull-pup style pull to a light crisp reliable pull everything time. One of the issues with a bull-pup configuration is that their is a transfer bar to engage the usually rear configured hammer and sear. Installing this 100% drop in replacement will make for a crisp, predictable break, in turn accurizing your rifle. Compatible with either Tavor Tar-21 or New Generation X95 rifles


  • Compatible with Tavor or X95
  • Lightened pull from fractory
  • Gets Trigger weight down to about 4lbs
  • Lightweight 6061-T6 CNC Machined Aluminum Housing
  • Self Contained 100% drop in trigger
  • Gunsmith free needing no adjustments
  • Hardened Steel internals to ensure lifetime operation
  • Lifetime Timney Triggers warranty


Additional information

Weight 2 lbs


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