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Renair ClayBot MKII




ClayBot MKII

The ClayBot MKII is the complete package.  Taking all of our products and melting them into one do-it-all base, the ClayBot MKII will your club to the next level and inspire the solo shooter to setup the most creative shots never before thought possible with a basic trap.  Newly updated in 2019, the MKII is now 150lbs lighter and has a lowered AMP draw, allowing it to be mounted and utilized in even more places, plus, pricing has dropped by 25% from the original!


  • Easy Shooting Configuration
  • Quickly Change Clay Path in Seconds
  • 150lbs. Lighter Than Previous Models
  • Lowered AMP Draw
  • Lifetime Weldments/Drive Warranty
  • 3 Year Electronics Warranty



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No Add-On, w/ Spring Adjuster + $1065.00


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