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Magnum Research Desert Eagle Apocalyptic .50AE


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Desert Eagle Mark XIX Apocalyptic .50AE

The Desert Eagle has always been known as the “Big Bad Boy” of pistols. Taming the wild .50 AE SEmi Auto round it is known for its massive recoil. Now coming in this theme paying homage to the “Apocalyptic Zombie” Craze seen in movies and television. Comes in a “Distressed” Cerakote finish. Cerakote is a hardened Ceramic baked on finish that hols ups under normal use and has been extensively tested for durability and resitance. Brings the “wow factor” to any firearm you put it on!


  • Big .50AE Caliber, but able to swap chamber to .44 Mag and .357 Mag
  • Comes with 1 Magazine in lockable case
  • Cerakote Finished in Distressed White
  • Includes HOGUE Inc. G10 Durable grips
  • CNC Machined for tight tolerances
  • Picatinny Rail on barrel for optics or red dots




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