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Lantac Blast Mitigation Device ( BMD ) Type A1 for Dragon Muzzle Brake


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Lantac Blast Mitigation Device

The Lantac BMD (Blast Mitigation Device) is a patent pending design that slips over your existing Lantac Dragon Muzzle Brake. The porting allows the Dragon to perform at its best while further dispersing the Blast wave through the outer device. The “diffuser” grids are positioned at the top of the device to assist further in allowing gas to escape upwards creating downward force eliminating muzzle climb. As well, anyone who has ever shot an efficient muzzle brake, knows the deafening blast that the shooter and all that are around feel. The device acts as a blast shield directing the excess gas forwards and away from the shooter creating a more comfortable experience with the added control. Works with the Dragon DGN556B


  • Minimizes felt recoil
  • Diffusers allow for gases to further escape upwards
  • Excess gas is direct towards and away from shooter
  • Easy install and removal in seconds
  • Compatible with DGN556B


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