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KRISS Vector Gen 2 Enhanced 9mm


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KRISS Vector Gen 2 Enhanced

The KRISS VECTOR and it’s patented recoil mitigating KRISS Super V System represents the first advancement in firearm operating systems in over a century. The Gen II VECTOR is the next evolution of that advancement, transforming the VECTOR from a standard firearm into a multi-caliber weapons system, with improved performance and ergonomics

The KRISS Vector utilizes the KRISS Super V System to reduce muzzle climb by as much as 95% and felt recoil by as much as 60% when compared to traditional operating systems. The KRISS Super V System redirects recoil energy downward, and away from the shooter. Designed for the 21st century shooter, the KRISS Vector is the most controllable pistol caliber carbine in the world.


  • Small, Lightweight, Bolt engages with slider mass to reduce felt recoil
  • Slider Mass Absorbs recoil energy and “re-vectors’ it downward reducing climb
  • Gen 2 Trigger geometry gives shooter a more connected feel, with a smooth pull and clean break
  • 45 Degree Safety for better Shooter ergonomics and manipulation
  • Ergonomic Contour and texture of the pistol for a more natural feel
  • Compatible with Glock Magazines for higher capacity and ease of use
  • Enhanced Gen 2 CRB Squared barrel shroud

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