KENT Elite Low Recoil Training 12ga. 2-3/4", 7/8oz., 1200fps, #8 - 250 Rounds


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KENT Elite Low Recoil Training 12ga.

The NEW KENT Elite Target line brings all the quality known by KENT, with improved performance. The CX2000 Primers provide a consistent performance from one of the most reliable primers available to date. The High Performance base-wad is designed to regulate head expansion and optimize cycling in semi-auto firearms. Using cutting edge custom double base powders allows Kent to develop high performance loads to being you maximum velocities without excessive recoil. The High-Density Polymer hull specifically delivers easy loading and smooth ejection.

One of the best features of new KENT Cartridges are the use of their DIAMOND SHOT. Their precision lead shot that is taken to the next level with a proprietary production process. This involves it being graded further than standard lead shot and then polished to produce highly consistent and uniform shot, delivering un-matched patterns.

Their Low Recoil/Training line was developed for recoil sensitive, high volume, and new shooters alike. Our custom blended powders soften recoil considerably, while maintaining standard target-load velocities and KENTs proprietary Diamond Shot provides consistent patterns for on-target performance.

In addition, they have been loaded at moderate pressures, making them suitable for use in vintage firearms.


  • Loaded with Diamond Shot®
  • Managed Recoil
  • Standard Velocities
  • Moderate Pressures
  • Lighter Payloads
  • Great for Beginners or recoil sensitive shooters
  • CX2000 Primers
  • Double Base Powder
  • Nickel Head
  • HD Hull
  • Diamond Shot


  • 12 Gauge
  • 2.75″ Shell Length
  • 1200 Feet Per Second
  • 7/8oz. Load
  • 8 Shot

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