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Henry Mares Leg .357 Magnum

The Henry Mares Leg, made famous by Steve McQueen, has been in high demand for the Canadian Market. Being a cut-down modified repeating rifle that is still non-restricted, you can imagine how desirable that is to the collector! This Iron is long enough to take in the bush, yet short enough that you can actually holster it on your leg. Beautiful brass wraps the receiver, Barrel Band, and butt. The Large loop lever was classic for the ‘Twirling’ gun play seen in the movies! Like all Henrys, they are furnished with a Handcrafted American Walnut stock cut to exact specifications from the TV series.


  • Made famous in “Wanted: Dead or Alive”
  • Made form exact specifications from TV Series
  • Brass receiver, barrel band, and butt
  • Large Loop Lever
  • Octagon Barrel
  • Semi-Buckhorn rear sight
  • Heavy, and built to last
  • Optional Leg holster (Additional Charge)




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