GSG 1911-22 Conversion Kit


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GSG 1911 .22 Long Rifle Conversion kit

The GSG (German Sport Guns) 1911 Conversion kit will turn any standard full-size 1911 into a .22LR. Includes a complete top assembly including recoil system, and one magazine. The advantage to one of these is if you have a custom trigger job done, or drop in trigger kit, you can practice your trigger prep/control, all while only using .22 Long Rifle. This method of training yourself can be great for the wallet and also your shooting game.


  • Converts your standard full-size 1911 into a .22 Long Rifle
  • Inexpensive to practice
  • Use your trigger currently in your pistol to work without breaking the bank
  • Typically operates better on Higher Velocity .22 Long Rifle ammunition
  • One Magazine included, additional magazines $34.95
  • Small Plastic Case included for storage of your conversion slide



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