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Geissele IWI Tavor / X95 Super Sabra Trigger Pack Gen2

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Geissele Tavor / X95 Super Sabra Trigger Pack

The Tavors, and X95s are great rifles but aren’t known for their trigger qualities, although the X95 has slight upgrades, they still have room for improvement. Installing a Super Sabra two stage trigger back will lighten the trigger to the point where accurate and precise shots are obtainable however Close Quarter Shots are more forgiving. One great feature is the first stage is adjustable allowing the shooter to custom tailor their “1st Stage” to either be lighter for more precision shots, or Heavier as a built in safety when frequently operating under pressure. All while maintaining the same “2nd Stage” pull weight of 2.0LBS. First Stage is adjustable from 3.5-5.5LBS.

Geisseles Super Sabra pack has an outer housing CNC precision machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum and Type III Hardcoat Anodized to withstand regular usage. Internal components are constructed of Shock and Wear Resistant S7 tool steel, they are further processed in a nitride finish to further prevent abrasion and chemical wear.

*This is a Generation 2 trigger pack that is fully compatible all IWI Tavor Rifles.


  • Turns standard Tavor or X95 Trigger into a 2 Stage trigger
  • Drop in no gunsmithing required
  • Adjustable first stage to make for lighter or heavier “take up”
  • 1st Stage adjustable 3.5lbs-5.5lbs
  • 2nd Stage 2.0lbs
  • Great upgrade for 3-Gun or precision shooting





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Weight 2.5 lbs


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