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Freedom Ordnance FX-9 9mm Non-Restricted

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The FX9 is a trendy choice these days. The trigger group is solid and doesn’t need to be replaced. It’s a carbine and makes a fine replacement for previous AR-15 owners now that those have gone away.  Great pistol calibre carbine for the money. It comes with lots of the features you want – from the factory. It can take Glock Mags. Go FX9 Canada.


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Freedom Ordnance FX-9 9mm Non-Restricted

The FX-9 carbine (Freedom Xtreme-9mm Carbine) has a familiar set of operating controls for the avid AR-15 user, it accepts AR-15 stocks and buffer tube assemblies,as well as most free float AR-15 rail assemblies. The FX-9  comes standard with a 10 rd double stack Glock® style 9mm  magazine. When we designed the FX-9 our goals were Reliability , Affordability, and familiar controls for the user. The FX-9 is machined From Billet material, Anodized type III aluminum components and Full hard nitride Steel components including the barrel,bolt,ejector,last round hold open,feed ramp and extractor for extended wear properties and corrosion resistance.  The upper and lower receiver are more than 1.00″ shorter than a standard AR-15 upper and lower receiver making it more compact and lighter than a standard mil-spec AR-15 design.

The FX-9 upholds Xtreme reliability with a wide range of ammo including many hollow point designs for self defense, full metal jacket and copper plated bullets. We do not recommend the use of non jacketed/plated ammunition as unprotected lead can cause fouling and buildups that plated and jacketed bullets do not. As well Aluminum Cased ammunition is not recommended


  • Chambered in 9×19
  • 13″ Free Float M-Lok Rail
  • 6 Position Collapsing S3 Stock
  • AR-15 Configured Rear Charging Handle
  • AR-15 Configured Safety Selector
  • AR-15 Configured Last Round Bolt Hold Open
  • AR-15 Configured Magazine Release
  • AR-15 Compatible Pistol Grips (Without Beaver Tail)
  • 3″ Section of M-Lok Mountable pica-tinny rail
  • Compatible with 9mm 1/2×28″ Thread Pitch


  • Two-Position Safety
  • Single Stage trigger
  • 18.6″ Freedom Ordnance Threaded Barrel
  • Blow Back Gas System
  • A2 Flash Hider
  • Type 3 Anodized 7075 Billet Upper Receiver
  • Type 3 Anodized 7075 Billet Lower Receiver
  • 6 Position Collapsing S3 Stock and A2 Pistol Grip
  • Black Anodized Finish
  • 10 Round Glock Pistol Mag included
  • 2.8 kg Dry Weight
  • 32.25 – 35.5″ Overall Length
  • Verified Non-Restricted Classification in Canada
  • 1x Magazine and 1 Manual Included
  • **Magazine may vary, no sights included*




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7 reviews for Freedom Ordnance FX-9 9mm Non-Restricted

  1. Mario G. (verified owner)

  2. Emmanuel D. (verified owner)

    Very good…I’m very happy.. wild west customer service ( Michelle) very helpful..ill for sure recommend the product and the store…have fun be safe

  3. André Rollin (verified owner)

    Bought this rifle, thinking that with the price point, it should run fine, it does not ! Out of the box, failure to feed, and failure to lock the bolt back … after 300 painful round … nothing better ! Sent the rifle in for warranty … Wolverine Supply never addressed the bolt lock problem … contacted freedom ordnance … both blamed it on the 10 rounder Glock mags …. which i told them that i dont possess … LOL … crazy like that !!! It doesn’t run good on 17 and 33 rounder, only on cheaper mags like sgm … i cannot consider that as reliable ! If the company does put forward that it takes ”Glock type” mags … OEM Glock mags should be expected to work with it … it dont !!! So overall, one of the worst buy i ever made, with bad company back up and warranty … specially for the price point, for 600$ … ok … for over 1100$ … surely not !!! Get a SUB 2000, a CX-4, Kriss Vector or a JR carbine … you’ll spend your money on a platform that is well established ! Overall, very disappointed with the buy and dont recommend this brand ! Plus, i had to pay for the shipping for warranty. I dont mean to bash the brand, but i think it would be a good thing for people to know with what they are dealing, an under developed firearm, and it’s a shame, specially for this price point !!

  4. Mike (verified owner)

    I owned mine for almost a year now. Out of the box I worked flawless. The only problem I’ve had is a failure to hold to bolt open with one of my magazines (10/27). My three 10rd, two 10/15rd, and one of my 10/27rd work completely fine.

  5. Mack Haney

    Amazing rifle, a gem in Canada, worked flawless beyond 1000 rounds with all kinds of brands of glock mags, easy and fast to clean and all around great.

  6. Russ C.

    I’m closing in on 800 rounds and I do recommend FX9 as the best AR 9mm carbine available in Canada NR. But do learn how to completely strip it down every few hundred rounds, being based on AR platform, it’s super easy anyways. After around 500 rounds my ejector/bolt release assembly totally came loose, good thing I caught it, five pieces being held down by one alan screw and its spring loaded. A little lok tite took care of that. Took it out today for another 250 rounds. Five different mags, random ammo, feeding perfect. Bushnell red dot and 3X magnifier work great. Stripped it down today, all is well but, took out a firing pin and a spring, and a little pin holding it all inside a bolt is visibly getting scared by pin/spring cycling. I figure another 500? rounds it will break. Replacement retaining pin is only 3.95 at wolverine supplies, so I’ll be getting a few spares. All these little issues are minor. FX9 is my favourite toy at this moment. And if you plan on shooting it hard, you have to learn to maintain it.

  7. Eli

    I love mine it is a real fun carbine to shoot 1000+ rounds in it and it eats anything u feed it

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