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Fastex Gun Care Shooters B4 Hands 4oz.

Fastex Shooters B4 Hands 4oz.


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Our Fastex gun products incorporate the Fastex Surface Modifier Technology, including anti wear, anti friction and extreme pressure additives. Products include Fastex Action and Barrel Treatment for reduced fouling, reduced lead and copper build up and superior rust protection and improved accuracy. Fastex Gun Oils reduce friction, improve maintenance and protects against corrosion in damp or humid conditions. It remains in place after wipe-down and clean.

Other Fastex gun products include Fastex Moly Remover, Fastex Sub-Zero Gun Oil, Fastex Trap Maintenance Lubricant, Fastex Bullet Coating, Fastex High Pressure Case Forming Lube, Fastex Barrel Degreaser, Fastex Sizing Oil, Fastex Maintenance and Storage Oil and Fastex Barrel Degreaser.

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