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CCI #0050 .22LR Stinger 32gr. CPHP - 50

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CCI #0050 .22LR Stinger 32gr. CPHP

If you need forensic evidence to prove that CCI varmint loads are explosive on impact,you must be shooting blindfolded. When you put the crosshairs on your target and pull the trigger, you’ll witness the impressive terminal performance of these specialized loads.


  • 1640 feet/sec—the fastest 22 LR with varmint-class accuracy
  • Special 32 grain hollow point bullet with tear-drop cavity for
    complete disruption
  • Clean-burning propellants keep actions cleaner
  • Sure-fire CCI priming
  • Reusable plastic box with dispenser lid

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.22 LR (Long Rifle)


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