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Cajun Gun Works #97098 Pro-Grade Upgrade Kit - P-07,P-09


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Cajun Gun Works Pro-Grade Upgrade Kit

All the parts for elevating your P-07/09 to a professional grade level of performance.  Delivers a superb, crisp, 1911 like SA, 8.8 – 8.12 pound DA, and reduces the SA reset an amazing 50% for effortless double-taps.  Install this kit and you’ll be out shooting firearms that cost 2-3 times more.  Turns your P-07 P-09 into a world class pistol.  All CGW parts carry a lifetime warranty.

CGW was the first and only gunsmith shop to work with the Omega lock work back in 2011.  They are the leader in upgrades for the Omega system.   This upgrade kit has been proven by thousands of shooters, including Pro-shooter Mike Pannone.   CGW built Mr. Pannone’s P-09 in 2012 and he now has over 60,000 trouble-free rounds down the pipe with all CGW parts.  Nothing has broken, malfunctioned or ever needed replacement.  A testament to the Aerospace quality CGW parts and sound, durable design of the P-07/09 platform. This is the kit Mike Pannone with CTT-Solutions uses and has over 70K rounds through a P09 and over 80K  rounds through (2) P07’s.

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