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Cajun Gun Works #75850 CZ Shadow 2 Reach Reduction Kit


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Cajun Gun Works CZ Shadow 2 Reach Reduction Kit

Shadow 2 Reach Reduction Kit with ultra-short reset now USPSA Production approved.  Cajun Gun Works’ famous RRK that permanently re-positions the trigger rearward with the hammer fully lowered an amazing 5 mm’s and reduces single action pre-travel dramatically.  Includes our “old style” stainless steel 85C trigger “Made in the USA”  with pre and over-travel screws so you can custom tune to your CZ.  Individual parts cannot be returned for a refund.

This not only relocates the trigger, but it also doubles as an ultra-short reset for single action.  

Includes 2 different hammer pins (1 x HPIN and 1 x 75009) so you can be assured a secure attachment to either the factory hammer or Cajun Gun Works hammer.  Lifetime warranty to the original purchaser.


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