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Cajun Gun Works #75800 Shadow S-2 Kit


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Cajun Gun Works #75800 Shadow S-2 Kit

Take your Shadow 2 or Shadow 1 from great to OMG!  This will transform your S-2, delivering an ice crisp SA of 3 lbs. or less.   DA typically runs 6 lbs. or less using our famous HS-12000 (11.5#) hammer spring.   The disconnector will require minor fitting so you get the reset to a PERFECT 1 mm, which is not difficult to do with CGW tech support.  Turns the CZ lock work into a precision Swiss watch!  USPSA Production legal, too!  Individual parts cannot be returned for a refund.

Manual Safety Hammer

Famous Cajun Gun Works manual safety blue steel hammer, machined from a solid high carbon steel billet blank using the Electron Discharge Machining method, precision ground, and heat treated to RC53 (OEM is RC45).   Drops in and produces a 3lb 8oz single action (on average).  Lifetime Warranty.

Recommended if you already have a Cajun Gun Works adjustable sear of if you want to hard fit your CZ OEM sear.  Hard fitting is not recommended for the novice or anyone inexperienced in hard fitting the CZ OEM sear to the manual safety.


Easy to install and includes:

  • CGW Race Hammer with adjustable sear
  • TR-PIN S-7 tool steel floating trigger pin
  • RP-TRS music wire reduced power trigger return spring
  • 2 x HPIN, super hard and super smooth hammer pins
  • HS-12000 (11.5#) & HS-13 (13#) hammer springs
  • EXT-FP S-7 tool steel extended firing pin with matching spring
  • 1488-T5 super hard disconnector
  • S-spacer machined alum sear spacer

We strongly recommend our starter punch (part number SP), the only special tool needed for the project.  See our website home page for the installation tutorial, see the menu list, see “Tutorials”, scroll down to the “Manual safety 75” series tutorial.


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