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Cajun Gun Works #75700 CZ Omega Kit


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Cajun Gun Works CZ Omega Kit

Lock work upgrade system for the metal framed Omega Series, 75B Omega & P-01 Omega.  Includes the proven CGW Short Reset System, Omega hammer for a crisp 1911 like break, ignition system springs, S-7 tool steel low-lift firing pin, increased power sear springs, reduced power trigger return spring, precision machined DA roller, and tempered spring steel firing pin retaining pin.  Elevates the Omega system to world class.  NOTE:  DOES NOT FIT THE P-07/09.  Individual parts cannot be returned for a refund.

Reduces the SA reset 50%, cuts the DA pull 50%, yet retains bet-your-life reliability with Cajuns proven parts.  Drops into the metal framed Omega’s, 75B Omega and P-01 Omega.  See CajunsTechnical Support menu selection for installation instructions.  Easy to install with common hand tools.   All hard parts carry the CGW lifetime replacement warranty.




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