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Blaser USA F3 Super Sport Over/Under 32" 12ga.


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Blaser USA F3 SuperSport Over Under

Intuition: Get to the Point. Mental fitness and physical control are the keys to good shotgun shooting. Plus: a shotgun that supports your intuition for success.

Balance: Perfectly Balanced. When you are swinging and the barrel points exactly where your eye focuses, you can be sure that the weight distribution of your shotgun is perfectly adjusted to your needs.

Calm before the shot: If the shot has a chance to be successful or not is decided even before mounting. Smooth movements that are controlled by intuition and precise mechanical operations are the winning formula.

Twice as Safe: In the past decades Blaser has set new safety standards in hunting: Blaser safety systems think ahead and protect hunters and sportsmen as well as the people close to them in the best possible way.


  • F3 Standard Action, Basic Design with gold-colored F3 Logo
  • Adjustable Trigger
  • Adjustable Rib with large adjustment range for all trap/sporting clays/skeet requirements
  • Super Sport Buttstock with Lacquered Oil Finish
  • Super Sport Forearm with Lacquered Oil Finish
  • KickEez Rubber Recoil Pad
  • Super Sport Over/Under Barrel Set
  • Mid-Bead, and Front Bead
  • Optional Mounting of up to 170g of Barrel Balancers
  • Stock Balancer System for desired weight distribution

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12 GA


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