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Blade-Tech Sig Sauer P220R OWB Holster RH


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Blade-Tech OWB Sig Sauer P220 RH Holster

Whether you’re practicing on the range or running a stage in competition, the Blade-Tech Outside the Waistband holster will cover all the corners for you. The Kydex fully formed holster is custom molded to your exact model making a perfect Friction retention fit. Adjust the friction of how easy it comes out with the turn of 2 screws. Comes with a Adjustable Sting Ray Loop belt attachment to fit on any size shooting belt. Pair it with a Blade-Tech inner/outer shooting belt, some mag pouches, and you have a full race rig!


  • Fully Formed to be firearm specific
  • Adjustment screw for friction retention
  • Adjustable Stingray Loop attachment
  • Drop Offset Arm
  • Open bottom
  • Oil/Solvent resistant
  • Great Warranty and service



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