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Before we inform you about the toe-punching absurdity that was planned for this jet fighter, we have to tell you that this fighter was never actually built or deployed. However, that does not take away from the fact that this is probably the most awesome and ridiculous jet fighter ever planned.

The idea for this plane came from German military scientists back during World War 2. Basically, they wanted to devise a way that they could attack the American mainland without sending aircraft carriers. They wanted a plane that could fly straight from Germany all the way to America on one tank of gas.


It would effectively be the Prius of jet fighters, except with less environmental consideration and more hellfire missiles.

In order to do this, they figured that the plane would have to be mounted on a 3 km long rail rocket-powered rail system. The plane would be launched with rocket engines while attached to the rail, and hopefully achieve speeds of us to 1900 km/h, and this isn’t the most insane part. Once airborne, the jet would fire off its own rocket engines, and propel it to a height of 145 kms, while travelling at 22,100 km/h.

But wait, there’s more! Once the jet reached this absurd speed and ludicrous altitude, they figured that it would slowly descend into the stratosphere, where the flat body of the plane would generate lift due to the increasing air density, which would apparently cause it to rise again, and the plane would travel around the world by pretty much just bouncing on the atmosphere. However, the plan was scrapped, because they realized that they don’t have alien-grade technology.