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Normally when a country designs and builds a plane designed to do fighting in a war, they hope that the plane will not explode in a violent ball of fire. Well, as we have discussed before, Japan does not know what normal means. So they went ahead and built a plane designed to do exactly that – explode.

The plane’s entire front end is a war head, and no, the war head does not detach from the plane in any way. It is intended to explode while still attached to the plane. It must have been somewhat disheartening to know that after many years of training and pilot classes, your primary mission was to fly yourself into something and explode.

We wonder what they told the pilots before they gave them one of these planes.



“So just fly right at them, then hit this “eject” button.”

This is the only plane ever made that is strictly designed to perform a single, devastating kamikaze attack.

The plane would be carried by a larger bomber type plane, and upon arrival to the target, the Ohka would dismount and fly toward the target. At this point, the pilot would activate 3 solid fuel boosters that would, on a dive, accelerate the plane up to 1,000 kilometers per hour.

At this insane speed, it was incredibly difficult for allied forces to hit the plane with anti-aircraft fire. As a result, the Ohka kamikaze planes were responsible for sinking and severely damaging seven allied battleships.