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The Tumbleweed Tank was the brainchild of a Texas inventor, who chooses to remain anonymous. This is probably because he doesn’t want anyone to know that his only invention was a giant metal ball with guns sticking out of the side.

ball tank
Not exactly the next Thomas Edison

(Source Military History)

Apparently, the ball-tank would have circular traction cleats on two cup-shaped halves that would rotate to propel the tank. Soldiers inside the sphere would fire machine guns from a stationary cab, and a heavy driving motor would be placed on the floor to prevent unwanted rolling. What this tells us is that the Tumbleweed Tank was susceptible to haphazard rolling.


tumbleweed tank
So basically, the Tumbleweed Tank’s only weakness was pushing it down a hill.

The ball-shape, according to the inventor, would easily deflect incoming fire, and even absorb missile damage better. However, were not sure how well it would deflect the onslaught of ball jokes.