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Last time we told you about 2 animals that the military attempted to use in battle. After those projects, you might have assumed that the military scientists would have given up on strapping bombs to animals and throwing them at the enemy. Well, you’d be wrong.

1) Cat Bombs

Cats actually have a little history when it comes to war. They were used during World War 1 to help keep the rat population down in the trenches. Also, some cats were used as “poison gas detectors”, which we assume means they just threw cats at suspicious fog to see if they would die.



Deploy the poison gas detector!

In World War 2, someone had the brilliant idea to somehow use cats to guide air-dropped bombs. Since cats have such an aversion to landing in water, someone figured they would naturally aim themselves toward a boat. It is still unclear how the cat was supposed to actually guide a bomb. Either way, because cats aren’t accustomed to falling 20 thousand feet out of the sky, the project never got passed the phase where they drop cats out of airplanes. The cats would always become unconscious, making the whole guiding a bomb thing rather difficult.


2) Militarized Dolphins

Both the United States and Russian militaries have trained dolphins, presumably to have an underwater dolphin battle. Actually, apparently they trained them to rescue lost divers or locate underwater mines. Information on how efficient these dolphins were at clearing mines and saving people doesn’t seem to be available.



“No no! I said locate and destroy enemy subs! Not do a flip!”

The United States Navy spent about $14 million on war-dolphins, and there was even speculation about the development of more advanced equipment, such as poison darts, sonar jamming devices. There are rumours that the dolphins had been trained to seek and destroy enemy subs using kamikaze methods, but we are pretty sure that must be false. It seems silly, Even for the U.S. military, to spend $14 million on dolphin training just to make them explode.