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Up until now, if you wanted to flatten a building with a cannon, you would have to put something inside the cannon to shoot at the building. You know, things like iron balls or missiles or whatever. Well, as it turns out, the days of launching physical objects out of cannons is past us. Science is on the edge of producing a cannon that can shoot high velocity rings of concentrated nothingness.

It is essentially a Shockwave Cannon, but they call it the “Thunder Generator”, because it well, sounds like a thunderstorm.

shockwave cannon

A thunderstorm that is thundering directly into your face.

Its considered a non-lethal weapon that fires a series of shockwaves. The shockwaves are rapid fire, up to 100 per minute, with a possible range of 100 meters. It would be like being shot in the ear with a very loud speaker. A very loud speaker that can knock over a wall of bricks. Check out this video of the Thunder Generator doing just that.


The Thunder Generator was originally designed to scare birds away from crops and airports, but then they discovered that birds who were too close to the cannon were obliterated into dust, so they decided to turn the cannons away from the birds and aim them at bad people instead.
As mentioned, the cannon is considered “non-lethal”, but the scientists admit that if you were standing 10 meters or less, the cannon would suddenly becomes organ-exploding lethal.


brick wall

What they really mean by “Non-lethal” is that it probably won’t kill you.