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When considering the purchase of a new firearm, the H&K SFP9 Striker Fire 9mm is well worth the intentional thought. Those United States based individuals playing close attention to the industry in the last quarter of 2014 will have noticed the initial introduction of this Heckler & Koch handheld (under the name of VP9) during that time. Likewise, gun enthusiasts throughout Europe are surely familiar with the VP9s transition to the SFP9 by way of its exposure with the infamous Outdoor Classics show in Germany in 2015.

Heckler-Koch-SFP-9-SFThis fully pre-cocked, semi-automatic firearm sports a single-action trigger, though users have the option to purchase the handheld with a heavier double-action trigger. In addition to the pre-cocked system that comes with the single action trigger, other impressive features that are well-worth highlighting with this H&K model include the firing pin energy and the associated firing pin indicator, the ambidextrous capacity, the grip associated ergonomics, easily performed stripping, facilitation of quick and accurate shots by way of intentional low hand position, guarantee in function with extra accessories and a variety of ammunition types, and the sights that encourage high performing luminescent contrast points.

The H&K Striker Fire 9mm is also an easily adaptable handheld of choice. Equipped with changeable back straps as well as patented grip shells, both women and men can modify these parts to create a firearm that best suits their needs.

heckler-amp-koch-sfp9-sfEqually as impressive of the Heckler & Koch SFP9 Striker Fire is the locking system employed by its careful and attentive designers. Capable of holding 15 rounds of ammunition, this semi-automatic pistol employs double-stack metal magazines, making it compatible with the P30 magazine that was used in earlier H&K semi-automatic models. What’s more, the level of safety that can be respected with the use of the SFP9 allows the users to eliminate the likelihood of accidents happening during dis-assembly, which differs from other handhelds on the market. Regardless of level of expertise with guns of this caliber, individuals using the SFP9 Striker Fire will find efficiency and smooth operation through dis-assembly and magazine removal.

This 9mm pistol comes with a black or tan frame. The pistol length is 18.6cm overall, with a 10.4cm barrel. Ammunition aside, the SFP9 is 710 grams in weight. The ideal gun and barrel length as well as the weight make this semi-automatic easy to control all while producing a brass ejection instance that is equally controlled.