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In Canada, not everyone owns a gun. In fact, only about 20% of households have a gun in them. However, we can guarantee that 100% of households have seen guns on T.V or in the movies. If you are part of the 80% that does not own a gun, you might have some misconceptions about how guns actually work.

Here are 3 gun myths you might believe thanks to the movies.


1) Gunshots Launch People Backwards

If you have ever watched any movie or T.V show, or even a children’s cartoon, you have seen someone get shot by a gun and fly off their feet as if they were hit by supersonic bus. The victims fly backwards and dramatically smash through a window or three. Well, don’t be too disappointed when we tell you that this never, ever happens.


Unless the gun is a cannon. A cannon that shoots balls of dynamite.

Gunshots do not contain nearly enough force to make you fly off your feet, you might not even get knocked down. Basically, if the explosive force of a weapon is enough to launch you a few meters in one direction, it will be enough force to turn you into a fine red mist. Bullets produce more of a piercing effect, and will not push anyone in any direction, no matter how badass the gun looks or how tough the guy shooting it is.


2) Bullets Make Everything Explode

Again, every actions movie ever wants you to think that bullets are just made out of pure fire and atomic explosions, and that if you shoot a bullet at anything, it will erupt into an inferno of excitement and death. Mythbusters even did an episode in which they repeatedly failed to explode a full propane tank with regular bullets.


propane tank
To be fair, these things always look like they are one lighter spark away from exploding.


The reality is that bullets are primarily made out of copper and lead, and both of those metals are prone to sparking, let alone bursting into flames upon impact. So basically, everything you have learned from action movies is a lie, and you should feel bad about believing them.