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Gun lovers really enjoy the ability of choosing through a wide range of choices, especially having options that can serve a variety of purposes. One of these options is the high quality Uzkon BR99 CL-11 Magazine Fed 12 Gauge. This is an incredible piece of equipment for so many reasons, primarily because of the fact that it is a versatile gun. If you are looking for a semi-automatic shotgun that can be used for many applications and that is made from quality materials, this is a good choice to consider. It offers many features that make it stand out from its competition, which will be discussed today.

There are some important features of this shotgun that make it so appealing to customers, including:
• 20 inch 4140 steel barrel
• It has a length of 39.5 inches
• It weighs 7.7 lbs.
• It has a 5+1 magazine capacity
• It comes with 2, 5 round magazines
• Can be used with both 2 ¾ shells and 3 inch shells
• Comes with a 1 year warranty
• Can accept MKA 1919 ten round magazines
These are only some of the incredible features that this gun comes with.

This specific model of shotgun was made to serve a variety of different purposes. They are not just meant for hunting and sporting but also for tactical usage and to aid in the defense of your home. It was modeled after the hugely popular AR15 platforms and fans of this will feel right at home using the BR99. The magazine on this shotgun was made to allow for the quicker change of ammo, which helps to make this such a versatile choice. To add to this versatility, this shotgun was built with the ability to use a range of lower and higher power shells. This gun was made with the user in mind and really took into consideration the individual preference of each user.

When compared to competitor products that are the equivalent to this one, you will get a thicker receiver/frame with this shotgun than with others. This makes it really feel like a durable choice for users. The parts for the trigger were machined from solid stock, unlike the competition that chooses to use investment cast instead. The spring and buffer system was made in such a way as to handle all powered shells without any issue. There are rails that are built into the handguard which allows for items like optics or sights to be easily mounted onto it. Finally, it has ergonomic grips and a cheek rest that make this gun a very comfortable option.

All of this is fine and good but how does this gun perform? It is a reliable gun that fits nicely in the hands when it is used. It is a great hunting rifle, especially when you are hunting things like deer or turkeys. In fact, this gun seems to work well in all of the applications that it promises proper functioning in, staying true to its word of offering a high quality gun that can perform well in several different areas.