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The Traditions Colt 1873 Single Action Army 45 LC Rawhide 4.75″is a single action shooter that is just like the original model. This Traditions model of the Colt is quite reminiscent of the original 1873 revolver, without the hefty price tag that can be seen in the original.

This is definitely a quality revolver, even though the Rawhide is a much simpler edition of this gun than the Frontier model. The barrel length on this model is 4.75 inches and has a 6 round capacity. The revolver weighs around 2.75 pounds and is around 9.5 inches in length. It has a spurred hammer style and a beautiful walnut grip with a matte black finish. The matte finish is excellent for corrosion resistance, which only adds to the durability of this gun. It has a transfer bar safety and blade front sights.

This model may remind you of the look of the classic revolver used by cowboys, which only adds to the stylish charm of this revolver. You will notice that there is no tool marks on this revolver and this means that the finish of the revolver is smooth and even. There is excellent recoil management found with this revolver and has great accuracy as far as 50 yards. This accuracy is what makes this revolver a perfect option for hunters, since accuracy is crucial when hunting game.

You can feel the crispness in the trigger, and the grip fits well in the hand making firing the revolver a very comfortable experience. The rounds are easy to take out from the revolver, and you can really feel the durability of this gun when it is in your hands. It is definitely recommended to get a nice holster to go with this simple yet stunning gun.

One of the best things about this weapon is that you can use it for multiple purposes, in addition to just hunting. This may not be the type of gun that you would consider for self-defense purposes, but it has enough power and ease of use to help defend yourself and your home if you need it to. If you just want something for your collection that looks just like the 1873 Peacemaker at a much better price, than this is also the gun that you have been looking for. Of course, this is also a popular choice as a primary or secondary weapon for some hunters.

The Traditions COLT 1873 Single Action Army 45 LC Rawhide 4.75″ is definitely a bargain at $495. For this price, you are getting a quality revolver that may not have a lot of frills but gives you everything you would expect from the original 1873 models. You will get a revolver with only the highest level of safety. You could spend more getting a more deluxe version of this gun or by getting the 1873 Peacemaker, but this has everything you could want and more at a price that you can better afford.


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