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As we have discussed in detail before, people have made bullets out of many ridiculous things. We would have guessed that no one would ever invest in making a bullet out of diamonds, but we were wrong. Chinese scientists from China (obviously), are planning on constructing a tiny diamond bullet, and firing it at 1000 kilometers per second. Why you ask?



Because science, that’s why.

Through computer simulations and mathematical calculations, they discovered that there is a chance that if you shoot diamond bullets really fast at a brick of methane, the resulting reaction could produce a net gain in energy. Which means that although firing a diamond at 1000 kilometers per second costs an incredible amount of energy, the explosion it causes generates even more energy.

We have no idea how this is possible, and if any of us were rehearsed in the field of nuclear fusion, we might be able to explain it better. But for now, just know that bullets in the future are going to be made out of diamonds and pure science, and they will basically allow humans to not only shoot individual things and blow them up, but shoot individual molecules and nuclear fusion them up.