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Rossi Ranch Hands have been well respected handgun and rifle choices for decades, and the 357 mag is a great choice for someone shopping for a classic lever action gun. Lever action guns, as the name suggests, use a lever that is located near the trigger guard to reload cartridges. They generally work quite well for hunting and sport shooting, because they are light and easy to carry, and they also generally can fire more quickly than bolt or semiautomatic guns. They are traditionally American guns, and have flourished in throughout the States and Canada since the days of the cowboys and ranch hands in the Wild West.

Ironically, the Rossi Ranch Hand is actually not a rifle, although it has many similar characteristics to a traditional lever action rifle. It is designed so that someone who shoots a traditional lever action rifle can also use a pistol that shoots the same way. This .357 mag gun weighs 4 pounds, has a 12” barrel that complies with federal regulations, and has a 6 shot capacity. It has a classic matte blue finish and a hardwood walnut buttstock and fore end. But the main appeal of this gun comes from how awesomely nostalgic it is, evoking thoughts of the iconic Winchester 1892 rifle that can be seen in many classic Western movies, as well more recently in the Dirty Harry movies. It is incredibly fun to shoot, and makes you feel like a classic American cowboy, even if it’s just another day of shooting practice at the range.

The gun has many features that mimic the original Winchester Randall. It has two barrel bands – one just behind the muzzle, and the other at the fore end. The butt of the stock has a thick plate made of steel, and there is a large loop lever, which is actually oversized to give you more control when you are shooting. There is also a saddle ring with a leather tie, which adds to the nostalgia factor. There is also a safety just in front of the hammer; it is a small lever which will lock the firing pin when toggled. The pistol is equipped with a long, thin front sight with a small gold bead, and an adjustable buckhorn rear sight.

Overall, this gun performs quite well, and is a blast to shoot, especially for true Wild West rifle enthusiasts. However, there are a few issues with the performance. Because it is a unique novelty gun, it is not designed for complete accuracy, which may be problematic if you are looking to use it for more practical purposes, like as an actual ranch hand. Even though the sights are technically adjustable, it is still quite difficult to adjust them to get an accurate shot. It can also be quite difficult to get a good grip on the gun because of its size – it’s too small to shoot like a rifle, but it’s difficult to shoot like a traditional handgun too. However, the gun serves it’s purpose, which is to be a great collector’s item for lever action rifle enthusiasts.

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