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Tactical weapons choices leave buyers with many to pick from.  Price can be a determining factor in many cases leaving some of the higher quality tactical weapons.For hunting, however, some tactical weapons can offer many benefits.  The Remington Versa Max Tactical 12 gauge stands alone in its category.

The price of the Remington Versa weighs in at well over $100,000, yet offers unsurpassed quality and design.  Well thought out details make this weapon a top choice for versatility.  The trigger guard is oversized so as to accommodate glove wearing.  The frame is set up for easy addition of accessories and the optical assistance is practical and efficient.  This weapon is dependable and extremely well made.

Remington shot guns have a reputation to uphold, therefore a lot of thought goes into the detail of each model.  Rounds ranging from 2 ¾” to 3” are compatible with the 12 gauge rounds.  The recoil is comparable to that of a 20 gauge for more comfort. This model functions with a gas system that aims to keep the cycling pressure regulated depending on the size of the shell.   The pressure is adjusted according to shell length.  The Remington is self-cleaning for easy care and has been tested thoroughly for this aspect.

The Remington Versa 12 gauges known for its performance in high demand situations and is well worth the price.  This specialized weapon will not let you down in the field.  One of its main selling points is the auto load function.  The Hi-Viz addition for optimal target viewing also remains one of the coveted features of the Remington Versa.

Remington offers many quality shotguns and started producing them in 2010.  With almost five years of superior quality on the market, repeat customers expect only the best.  The Remington specializes in fowl hunting, such as ducks.  Moving targets require the most precision.  This is what Remington aims to conquer.

At a little over 7 pounds, the Versa Max won’t way you down. There is said to be lighter shotguns out there, but the durability is well worth a little extra weight.  Owners state that the Remington is adequate in all variants of weather, heat and cold do not seem to affect its functioning.  The barrel length is on the longer side at 28”.  This extra length may be part of what adds to the weight, but also aids in its efficiency. The Remington Versa Max 12 gauge also has some staying power, the shotgun continues to shoot rounds without complaints of jamming.  The self-cleaning feature may add to this possibility.  Less jamming leads to less wasted time out in the field.

Supporters of the Versa Max hold strong to the brand.  The durability and efficiency are hard to beat.  The availability of accessories adds to the options and keeps customers happy and coming back for more.



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