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The Remington’s description gives a far advanced and fancy sounding electrical trigger system. It all sounds great and that, but really you won’t even notice this when using the gun in real life. Once you get past all the technical talk, its really more about what the gun feels like, and how it handles. I was pretty impressed with the handling of this gun in general and I can’t say there was all that much to say about it from a negative perspective.

When I first took the Remington out of the box, I was not disappointed with its looks. The design is a little chunky on the barrel but also quite functional. The ambidextrous palm grip is rather big but it definitely makes for a much more comfortable hold. The pistol grip fits perfectly into the hand too and just felt really comfortable to carry and to

I thought that the bolt also had a great jewelled finish to it, adding to the great look of the rifle overall and making it stand out from more common rifles. The Remington also cycles pretty smoothly and the release levers for the floor plate and the bolt are pretty easy to find as well. For general use and functionality this gun works really nicely and is easy for any skill level to figure out.

One feature I did like in particular was that supplied with the rifle is a 1/16in hex headed key, that can be used to adjust the new X-Mark Pro trigger. It makes it a lot easier to customize for yourself and is really easy to work with too. The firing mechanism seems to be of really good quality too as there was just a crisp fire, a very clean motion. There was absolutely no creeping with this rifle.

As far as rifles go the Remington is a really nice gun to use. Its predictable in its movements and handles well. The recoil was minimal given that this rifles is slightly heavier than most of the same caliber. I did find that ballistic tipped bullets snagged a little when entering the barrel, and this was the only real problem I had with it. Soft nosed bullets worked just fine, but the ballistic tipped ones didn’t load as smoothly from the magazine. The design and the grips especially were very comfortable to hold and the finish gave the rifle a much nicer feeling to touch.

Overall I was really impressed with the Remington and would recommend it. It both looks great and is really easy to use, which is all you really need from a rifle. It has an accurate shot and a comfortable grip to hold. I think it is really worth the price it is selling for here, and I don’t regret buying it at all. It works great as a varminter and can take out foxes no problem, I have found personally. I don’t think you can really go wrong with a well designed gun rifle like this, and the Remington will definitely get the job done.

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