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As you might have noticed from our last post, people will go to great lengths to stealthy obliterate wild animals. But for this next post, we want to introduce you to some hunting equipment that throws stealth right out the window and goes straight for unmatched explosive power. Feast your eyes on The Tyrannosaur Round.


Warning: only use if you want soup instead of steak.

We aren’t sure why anyone would want to make a bullet this ridiculously huge. So we are just going to assume that whoever invented it was delusional, and figured he was going back in time to hunt dinosaurs or something.

Apparently, the round was initially designed to stop dangerous big game animals that decide they are hunting you instead of you hunting them. Such as a large pig or angry puffy chickens.


Did you think we were joking about large pigs?

After testing, it was determined by experts that this round is practically useless because of its insane recoil and general silliness. However, we use the term ‘experts’ pretty loosely, as you can tell from this video…