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Every hunter in the world wears camouflage when hunting their prey. In fact, all sorts of people wear camouflage even through they aren’t hunting. Camouflage is just one item in the hunter’s arsenal of hunting equipment. Hunters collect all sorts of equipment that allows them to more efficiently turn fuzzy critters into delicious food nuggets.

Sometimes, however, the technological advancements of hunting equipment gets a little carried away, and by a little bit we mean they invent things so ludicrously over-powered you would swear they are preparing for a battle with their alien overlords. The first item in this list of  hunting overkill is what is known as the Shadow Shield.


shadow shield
There is a man in this picture.

The Shadow Shield is actually a very simple idea, and we are surprised it took this long for someone to invent it. It is basically just a one-way mirror, with a hole to stick your gun through. It does have a bit more engineering smarts built into it: the mirror is angled slightly forward so it reflects the ground in front of it, and no creature will be able to see itself in the mirror.


shadow shield2
There he is! What a trickster.


The benefit of the Shadow Shield is pretty obvious – you will be practically invisible. So if you want to have the advantage of not only being able to shoot your prey hundreds of yards away, but also be completely invisible while you do it, then the shadow shield is for you.