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When in the market for a handgun, there are many factors to consider. Size, reliability, weight, and manageability are just a few of the aspects you must think about before making this significant purchase. One gun that has maintained distinction despite the passage of time is the Beretta 92FS 9mm. Many will agree that, when searching for the most fitting handgun of similar caliber, the Beretta 92FS is a reliable pick. It is such a reliable pick, in fact, that it has found a place with the United States military and law enforcement officials.

100617-A-7944A-026The length of this semi-automatic pistol is 8.5 inches, with an accompanying 5.4 inch height. You will find a relatable width measuring 1.5 inches, and a barrel length of 4.9 inches. Weighing approximately 33.3 ounces, the gun has a 15 + 1 capacity and is equipped with a 3-Dot sights configuration.

As tested by the United States Army, the Beretta 92FS displays a slides durability of 35,000 rounds and a frame durability of 30,000 rounds, on average. According to the Beretta manufacturer themselves, the reliability average sits at 17,500 rounds without stoppage. In addition to the reliability and durability statistics, this Beretta handheld possesses a deliberate design that promotes improved cycling times, optimized accuracy, and safe usage. By firing the first shot from the double action and each consecutive shot from the single action, the Beretta FS employs a double, single action method that assists in preserving the safety of even the newest handgun and pistol operators. What’s more, incidences of misfiring are significantly minimized due to the unique hammer architecture. This semi-automatic pistol further impresses through its ability to maintain an open slide, which dismisses any malfunctions that may be caused by jamming of the handgun.  Ber92fs

Able to accommodate both right and left handed users by way of a reversible magazine, this pistol has the capacity to provide information about the cocked position of the pistol. 

In addition to performability, this 9mm shot rises above competing pistols in areas of maintenance and anti-corrosion. Dressed with the exclusive Beretta covering, the gun is finished with a non-reflective coat that is capable of enduring extreme temperatures and environments, while suffering little wear and tear. The disassembly procedure is also noteworthy with this select pistol, as the manufacturers have included a disassembly latch that allows for a quick and easy course of action. In addition to the outward physique, the Beretta FS is crafted by high-quality, light-weighing aluminum materials, making this handgun a great option for the individual interested in keeping their load light.  

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Whether opting for an effective, reliable handgun, or a well-constructed semi-automatic pistol of its caliber, the Beretta 92FS 9mm will not disappoint. This handheld is intentionally crafted to act as an effectual, dependable choice for a variety of handgun operators. Trusted by the most experienced users, this gun optimizes accuracy, safety, and performance, and is sure to make a great addition, or start, to your collection!

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