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The Beretta 92 FS Centennial 9mm is the new celebratory Beretta from the Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta, which is the oldest still active gunmaker in the world, as well as the biggest and most globally known. 2015 marks the one hundred years of Beretta pistol making, and as such this limited edition Centennial Beretta pistol has been designed.

The Centennial Beretta is built around a machined stainless steel frame as opposed to other models of Beretta which use a lightweight alluminium alloy frame. The outside design is made of the same stainless steel frame, and keeps the look of the Beretta 92FS Brigadier pistol slide and many other competition grade pistols.

The Centennial Beretta sports an ambidextrous frame mounted safety, micrometric sights, and a lightened hammer. It is fed from a classic Beretta 92FS double stack with a 15 round detachable magazine.

To add to the aesthetic appeal of the pistol, the exterior is polished to a fine shine and the slide has been embellished with micro pattern laser engravings. Also included are the selected walnut grip panels are embellished with an embedded round metal tag. To end the celebratory style of the piece, the Centennial Beretta comes in a specially designed metal box that is a replica of old military issue ammo boxes. This case also carries the factory issued accessories for your pleasure.

The technical features of the pistol include a 4.9 inch long barrel, or 125mm. The overall length of the gun is a solid 8.5 inches and 217mm, while the height comes in at 5.4 inches and 137mm. The sight radius is a sizeable 6.1 inches and 155 millimeters. The unloaded weight of the gun is a healthy 1200g or 42.3 oz if you prefer. It is a semiautomatic single barrel pistol.

As it is limited edition the appeal of the Centennial Beretta is really in the aesthetics of the pistol and historic presence that it represents. In saying that however it has a solid accuracy rating and handles just as well as its predecessors. There is very little recoil and a comfortable grip and handle for this pistol. This is a reliable pistol that you can bet is worth the money spent on it.

An interesting feature is the delayed blowback to increase the cycle times. The barrels are lined with chrome for corrosion resistance and have deeply recessed combat muzzle crown to protect the rifling. The steel magzine are durable, high capacity and drop-free when the gun is depressed, and even when the gun is empty.

This is a lovely limited Edition piece that should be in every gun enthusiast collection, however the limited stocks are running out fast, so you might want to bag yourself one of these beauties before they are out of sale. Sure to be a timeless piece for any collection, the Centennial Beretta is a beautifully designed pistol that does the celebration justice.