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UTAS UTS-15 Gen4 14+1 Rounds 12 Ga - Desert Tan

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 UTAS UTS-15 Gen4 14+1 Rounds 12 Ga

UTAS is a Turkish company specializing in firearms design, engineering and OEM manufacturing. Arguably, UTAS is one of the top sporting firearms design companies with their designs being voted “Gun of the Year” by the NRA’s American Rifleman Magazine in 2006 and again in 2007. Although UTAS continues to win awards for beautiful designs, the heart of the company is innovation.

Innovative mechanical design, innovative manufacturing processes and innovative materials used in firearms production, define UTAS and set the company apart from other’s in the firearms industry. Along with numerous patented design innovations, the new UTS-15 shotgun recently developed by UTAS will be the first shotgun ever produced with a receiver produced 100% from polymer. In fact over 80% of the gun is fabricated from fiber reinforced injection molded polymer. Of course using new lightweight materials in firearms has to be backed up with solid engineering and that’s exactly what UTAS does.

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2 reviews for UTAS UTS-15 Gen4 14+1 Rounds 12 Ga – Desert Tan

  1. Mike (verified owner)

    The UTS-15 is NOT a beginners shotgun. There is a learning curve that has resulted in a poor reputation for reliability. When operated properly however, the gun runs great! Still a little “plasticky” considering it’s original design intent. Only time will tell if the Gen4 has truly solved all of the breakage issues of past Gens. A fun gun to shoot never the less.

  2. Sylvain Rogers

    A great shotgun when you understand how to use it, because it has its own way to recycling. Personally, I am very satisfied of my acquisition. It can be carried everywhere and it is versatile cause it can be loaded with 2 different kinds of ammunition.

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