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TROY Industries PAR .308 Win Pump Action AR (Non-Restricted)


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TROY PAR .308 Pump Action Rifle

The TROY PAR (Pump Action Rifle) is every sportsman and hunters solution to getting a AR-Style rifle in the bush. Being Non-Restricted you can take it anywhere and don’t need to shoot it on a certified range. Being Manually Pump operated, 10 round magazines are legally available (when not hunting). Lower receiver being and AR, is still compatible with any AR-15 Trigger groups (Giessele,Timney,CMC,etc..).


  • Pump Action means you can shoot it other places than the range
  • Great Varmint Rifle accepting 10 Round LAR mags for higher capacity
  • Manual Safety Levers with indicator markings on both sides
  • Standard AR Trigger (Easily upgradeable)
  • Melonite Treated Barrel
  • TROY Medieval Muzzle Brake
  • 1:11x25RH Twist Rate
  • TROY Lightweight BattleAx CQB Stock
  • Requires Brass cased ammunition for proper function



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Weight 2.5 lbs