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Trinity Force AR MX M-LOK Forend - 12'


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Trinity Force AR MX M-LOK Forend – 12″

The MX-15 M-LOK Free Float Rail features a slim profile for improved ergonomics and weight savings. With a static top rail optimized for mounting optics and multiple contact points for a hex key mounted modular rail system on the sides and bottom, the MX-15 Rail is the ideal solution for any AR-15 owner looking for speed and mission flexibility. It uses a hex key secured barrel nut clamp and proprietary barrel nut for even more weight savings and easy installation.

FREELOK Clamping System  US. PAT. NO. 9,389,043 B1
The Mx series rail features a non-indexing barrel nut and clamping system (FREELOK) that utilizes free floating tabs to secure the rail to the receiver. FREELOK provides both frictional and mechanical locking forces to create a rock-solid bond between the rail and barrel nut.

**15″ Model Shown**


  • M-Lok Compatible
  • AR/M4 Compatibility
  • Weight Relieved for lightened weight
  • Includes Forend, Barrel Nut




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