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RUGER Super Redhawk #5524 6.5" 10MM SPECIAL PRICING

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RUGER Super Redhawk 10mm

The Ruger Super Red Hawk is a workhorse known for its reliability. This is the model we use mostly in our range so we can vouch for their reliability and accuracy. Comes with a Triple locking cyclinder to ensure safety and positive alignment. Stainless steel composition means you won’t need to worry about corrosion over time. As well provides durability and reliability. The Manageable grip comes with a further cushioning Hogue Mono Grip with integrated internal cushion placed under the web of the hands to cut down on the impact that higher powered loads can bring. Rugers panted Transfer Bar system means you are safe against and AD ” Accidental Discharge” Front Sight is a replaceable ramp, and rear sight comes adjustable to accommodate any shooter.


  • Triple Locking Cylinder for safety
  • Stainless Steeel corrosion resistant
  • Cushioning Hogue Mono Grip
  • Patented Transfer Bar System
  • Rear Adjustable sight



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Weight 2.5 lbs