Robinson Arms XCR-M Keymod HB .308 Win – BLK


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Robinson Arms XCR-M Keymod

The Robinson Arms XCR has been one of the top selling non restricted “Black Rifles” we have seen in Canada. A sturdy design and modular configurations have made this rifle well suited for the demanding conditions of Law Enforcement Military Operators. Due to that fact, you can trust the expertise, knowledge, and engineering that has gone into these rifles. Some of those features include heavier duty components like a sturdier oprod, beefy three-lug bolt, locking extractor, and a fixed ejector. Next up is the ergonomics of the rifle, the ambi magazine release makes it compatible with left or right handed shooter, while the trigger finger indexing bolt release integrated into the trigger guard has been reported by professionals as the fastest mag change and clearing times of any rifle they’ve experienced. An Adjustable Gas pistol system means you can shoot variable pressure loads adapting your rifle for perfect function when it’s needed most. As well there is adaptable conversions kits readily available to get your rifle just right for any environment.


  • Gas Piston operating system
  • Favored by professionals
  • Fastest clearing and magazine change time
  • Intuitive bolt release
  • Folding/Telescoping but stock
  • Keymod forend for weight relieving and high modularity
  • Caliber Conversion takes less than 5 minutes
  • Heavy Profile Barrel


  • Color: Black
  • Calibers:.308Win Heavy Barrel
  • Overall Length: 39′
  • Folded Length: 29.5″
  • Weight Empty: 8.5 lbs Roughly
  • Barrel Lengths: 18.6″






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