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Renair ClayBot Infinity Trap Base



Renair ClayBot Infinity Trap Base

The ITB “Infinity Trap Base” has been in production since early 2011 and gone through very few changes. Customers have mounted almost every trap manufactured on the ITB. Imagine, no wrenches, no clamp handles, and adjusting a fully loaded 400 target machine with no worries of the trap getting away from you. We have kept the ITB price in line with the trap manufacturers “Tilt Bases”, with a better warranty, they warranty the ITB with a lifetime warranty including their patented gearbox and positive locking head.

Standard Package

  • 2×2 Tubular Steel Base
  • Symmetrical Crank
  • Airless Tires
  • Battery Box
  • Clevis Style Hitch

Optional Features

  • Hoop Hitch
  • Ball Hitch
  • Series Hitch
  • Swivel Wheel
  • Grab Handle
  • Solar Panel Mount
  • Universal Yoke
  • Power Package (1 Deep Cycle 12v Battery, 1 Solar Panel, and Solar Panel Mount)
  • Solo Shooter (Attached Collapsed Adjustable Handle)
  • Over Sized Tires (Large Flotation Tires)



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