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Remington 700 #27563 Long Action Stainless Steel Magnum Bolt Face Action Only


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Remington 700 #27563 Long Action Stainless Steel Magnum Bolt Face Action Only

Build the custom rifle of your dreams around an action you know and trust, the Remington 700. Remington doesn”t often release these receiver assemblies unless they are sure they have enough on hand to meet their production needs. They are from a current factory production run and meet the latest design specifications and quality control standards at the Remington factory.

Ready to accept your choice of custom barrel and stock, these receivers feature Remington”s famous smooth-cycling bolt, up-front bolt lugs for tight lockup and reliable pressure retention, plus traditional 2-panel checkering on the bolt handle. With barrel installed and chambered, the recessed bolt face encloses the cartridge head in three rings of steel for exceptional strength, a snug cartridge fit, and precise alignment with the bore. A rivetless, circlip-type extractor provides positive case extraction. And, the heavy-duty, spring-loaded, plunger ejector clears the action quickly and reliably.

Each action is equipped with Remington”s new, state-of-the-art, X-Mark Pro trigger for improved trigger pull and easy adjustment. The easy-to-reach, two-position thumb safety has been made more robust, engages quietly to prevent game-spooking, and allows unloading while in the safe position.


  • Bolt Action Receiver
  • Long action
  • .308 Win Bolt Face
  • 1-1/16″-16 tpi thread
  • Stainless steel
  • Adjustable X-Mark Pro Trigger
  • Does Not Include: Receiver Plug Screws, Recoil Lug, Trigger Guard, or Screws

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