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Real Avid The Pistol Tool


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Real Avid The Pistol Tool

Never before has so much insight been built into a tool that can fit in your mag pouch. The Pistol Tool gives a shooter the ability to maintain, add accessories, and tweak their favorite handgun with easy access to its 19 precision tools. Each tool is calibrated to popular platforms—from polymer striker-fired to revolver to 1911. Whether on the bench, at the range, or in the field, The Pistol Tool will make sure your trigger finger stays happy


  • Titanium coated Stainless steel components
  • Non-hardened Stainless steel Pick/Scraper
  • 3” 420 stainless steel Tanto Knife
  • 1911 Government & Officer Bushing Wrench
  • 2.5” Long Bit Driver
  • 6 Hex Bits with ball detents
  • 4 Bondhus Protanium® Hex Keys for laser sights
  • 3/32” Pin Punch with 8-32 threads
  • Fine-Tooth Metal File
  • Tap Hammer Surface


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