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PWS PRC Compensator 556 (1/2x28TPI)


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PWS PRC Compensator

The PRC compensator, originally introduced for .30 only, was designed to reduce felt recoil as much as possible. Redesigned in 2018, now in a variety of caliber options, this compensator is very effective in reducing felt recoil, while being California compliant. The PRC design produces a low ground signature and overpressure to the shooter It also gives ultimate control for seeing impacts through your optic and stabilizes follow up shots.


  • .223/5.56 Caliber
  • 1/2×28 Thread Pitch
  • 4140 Steel, FNC LIFE HD Treated
  • 2.4″ Overall Length
  • .863″ Diameter
  • 2.9oz. Overall Weight


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1/2×28 Thread


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