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Phase 5 Tactical Extended Bolt Release V2 .308


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Phase 5 Tactical Extended Bolt Release V2

The Phase 5™ (EBRv2/308)™ gives the operator the ability to reload quicker, clear jams in a more efficient way and eliminate unnecessary hand movements during various operations.

Monolithic tri-steeltechnology gives the (EBRv2/308)™ the ability to be lightweight and super strong. This EBRv2/308 was made for the DPMS™ type 308 rifles. This unit has gone through a stringent 9 stage manufacturing process; creating the product that is depended on and trusted by tactical trainers and law enforcement officers nationwide.

(EBRv2/308)™ has no obstructing backing plates or screws that fail, come loose or get in the way of some weapon systems.


Aero Precision M5 Yes
Anderson AM-10 No Proprietary Bolt Catch
ArmaLite AR-10 Rifles No Not DPMS pattern
Black Rain Ordnance No Clearance Issues with Lower
Christensen Arms CA-10 Yes
CMMG .458 SOCOM No Location of bolt catch difference
CMT Billet Lowers No Leg hits Lower finger index ridge
Daniel Defense DD5v1 No Proprietary Ambi Release
Diamondback DB10 series Yes
DPMS Gen 1 .308 Rifles Yes
DPMS GII .308 (Gen 2) No Does not function correctly
HK MR762 No Not DPMS pattern
JP Rifles No Fitment Issues
Larue 7.62 OBR See notes Uses EBRv3, not EBRv2-308
LWRC REPR .308 No Does not function correctly
Noreen Firearms BN308 Yes
Palmetto State Armory .308 No Hits inside of Upper
POF .308 No Proprietary Ambi Release
Ruger 762 No Does not fit correctly
Savage Arms MSR-10 No Dimension issues
Sharps Brothers “Jack” Yes
SIG716 No Not DPMS pattern
Smith and Wesson MP10 No Factory Ambi Release
Stag Arms 10 Yes
SunDevil 308 No Dimension issues
UTAS 12g XTR-12 See notes Uses EBRv3, not EBRv2-308
Wilson Combat AR-10 No Not DPMS pattern
Windham SRC 308 Yes


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