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Magpul C.O.R.E Quick Reference Rifle Cards

If you are a Long Range shooter then the Magpul Precision rifle quick reference cards are what you need. They offer a comprehensive overview reminding you of the fundamentals of marksmanship. See everything in a snap from range estimation sheets, checklists for building shooting positions, and aids for reading wind. Using the same density altitude system and rugged, all-weather, erasable material as the Precision Rifle Data Book, the Quick Reference Cards offer streamlined access to your rifles’ elevation and wind data.

Intended for use as a medium to transfer data for a given rifle from the Precision Rifle Data Book to these cards for use in the field. Conveniently sized for use in an arm board, your data will always be within reach.
Ring not included.


  • Easy quick reference card
  • Used as medium between rifle data book
  • Shows fundamentals of marskmanship


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