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M14/M1A Long Sight Plane Scope Mount


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The M14/M1A LSP® (Long Sight Plane) hand guard/scope mount/accessory rail replaces the original M1A/M14 hand guard and iron sights and uses a much larger, sturdier and more reliable fitment methodology to provide the lightest and longest single plane rail available for the M14 platform.

It is designed to index perfectly on a Blackfeather “RS” equipped rifle, however, it can be installed to other M14/M1A rifle stocks such as wood, nylon, fibreglass and other aftermarket stocks.

The LSP® picatinny rail is approx. 20 1/4″ long (starts rearward above the M14 receiver’s heal, continues through the M14 rear sight pocket and ends at the M14 rifle’s front band), weighs 11.7oz., and mounts firmly and rigidly to both the barrel and the M14/M1A receiver’s rear sight pocket.

After removing the original M14 iron sights and the original handguard, the net weight gain to the rifle is approximately 6oz., and with a scope mounted, the optics weight shift is noticeably rearward. Additionally, the rail extension over the M14 receiver heal allows you to mount a scope or short eye relief scope further rearward while offering space for a rear iron sight.

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