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M14 / M305 Black Arrow Oprod Spring Guide


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M14 / M305 Black Arrow Oprod Spring Guide

The Black Arrow Spring Guide is four-fluted and smooths, enhances and maintains spring alignment during operating rod travel for maximum accuracy and no binding. The Black Arrow is CNC precision machined from a single piece of 1144 StressProof® steel with no welds. It is case hardened in a salt bath nitriding process. This process offers additional lubricity, superb corrosion resistance and a surface hardness up to 75Rc.

Notably, the Norinco and Polytech operating rod springs are slightly smaller in inside diameter than the USGI standard and most of the USA made commercial operating rod springs, an ORSG for use on a Canadian (metric) M14 clone, may bind on the larger outside diameter of the USA made operating rod spring guide.

The Black Arrow operating rod spring guide was designed to be slightly smaller in diameter to be compatible with both the larger USGI springs and the smaller internal diameter metric Norinco or Polytech springs. The Black Arrow is the only ORSG in the marketplace with this unique distinction.

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M14 / M305


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