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M14/M1A CASM Gen II Extended Scope Mount - BLK


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M14/M1A CASM Gen II Extended Scope Mount

The CASM Gen II Extended scope mount works with any M14 or M1A platform (including the M305s).

The M14/M1A CASM® scope mount was designed in part by an ex-Canadian military officer and a professional gun smith with more than twenty years experience tuning and modifying hundreds of M14 and M1A rifles. Together, we’ve created a mount that is secure under recoil and will last a lifetime. The CASM® mount is CNC precision machined using 7075 alloy for maximum strength/weight ratio and is Type II hard anodized. It includes a proprietary four point mounting system with 1/4″ allen head screws and allen head lock screws to hold adjustments.


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