LMT M203 9″ Rail Mounted 40mm Launcher


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The LMT M203 Grenade Launcher, FRT 125684-1 (9” barrel), attach to a parent firearm and are non-restricted firearms in Canada. Transferees must hold a valid PAL. These are exempt from Controlled Goods Registration Program (CGRP) requirements INSIDE CANADA per Section 6 (b) unless a stand-alone stock or pistol grip is attached forming a Restricted Firearm. Should the firearm be converted to Restricted classification, the firearm must be registered with the Canadian Firearms Registry, kept on record, and the individual and/or organization holding it must be registered with CGRP. Classification and handling in other countries can be significantly different to Canada. 

Export- The LMT M203 Grenade Launder, in the same manner as the Colt Canada Integrated upper receivers (IUR, UKSF, etc) which have been distributed in Canada, is subject to re-export control by the United States Government. Any attempt to re-export requires the written permission of the US Government and of the Canadian Government in advance of any export. 

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Only firearms and ammunition require a PAL license to purchase. We ship across Canada via Canada Post or Canpar.